Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution XI

  • Dytko Sport Mitsubishi Lancer Edition R

    We've lived in a world without the famed Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution for almost four years now, but one Polish company decided to build the Evo XI Mitsubishi won't. Dytko Sport, responsible for building and selling parts and components for Lancer Evo rally cars, worked with subsidiary Proto Cars to create what it calls the Lancer Edition R. It's a body kit that can be added to the Mitsubishi Evo X. Effectively, it picks up where the Evo X left off, and we have to commend the company because this truly does look like a natural progression from the final-generation car. The front clip takes...

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
    Official: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Development Taking New Direction

    Earlier this month a shocking report came out claiming the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution may be culled after the current model, the Evo X, runs its course. Within hours, Mitsubishi released an official--albeit ambiguous--statement via its Facebook page quelling those claims but hinting that any...

  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
    Report: Mitsubishi Evo XI May Go Diesel-Hybrid

    Not so long ago the idea of a hybrid powertrain in a sports car was anathema to enthusiasts. But after the development of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for Formula One, the debut of cars like the Tesla Roadster and Audi's all-electric R8 e-tron concept and the wider acceptance of...

  • 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
    Report: Mitsubishi Planning Hybrid Drivetrain For Evolution XI

    The latest unofficial word is that the Evo XI will be part electric, part conventional.

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