• BMW Highly Automated Driving prototype

    We love self-driving cars here at All Car Tech. It's not that we don't like driving ourselves as there's nothing better than having the open road to yourself, but even in the comfiest of cars some traffic conditions make us wish we could simply teleport place to place. In the absence of Star Trek tech, autonomous vehicles are the next best thing. Several carmakers and computing companies are developing the technology to a stage where it now really works. To prove it, BMW has equipped a 5-Series sedan with its very latest autonomous technology, allowing it to travel along a freeway...

  • Stuck in traffic, by Flickr user SMercury98
    Driverless 'Road Trains' One Step Closer To Reality

    Reading the paper. Holding a video conference call. Snapping photographs. Eating a McDonalds. All things that are probably best avoided whilst driving on the freeway. However, thanks to developments in technology, you might be able to do all these things and more (we'll leave the "and more" to your...

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