David Brown Automotive

  • David Brown Mini eMastered

    David Brown Automotive can now restore and upgrade your original Alec Issigonis-designed Mini, and add electric power too.

  • David Brown Mini Remastered Oselli Edition
    David Brown brings the Singer of Minis to US

    David Brown's restored Minis now have an official importer in the U.S.

  • 2018 David Brown Speedback Silverstone Edition
    David Brown Auto reveals 601-horsepower Speedback Silverstone Edition

    Nascent coachbuilder David Brown Automotive burst onto the scene in 2014 with the deliciously retro Speedback GT. The car featured a body inspired by the lines of the Aston Martin DB5 but rode on the much more modern bones of a Jaguar XK. The company went in a very different direction in 2017 when...

  • David Brown Remastered Mini
    David Brown Automotive reveals the Singer of Minis

    Mini is an iconic brand with a storied history in producing small economy cars beginning in the late 1950s. But, by today's standards, Mini isn't so miniature anymore. And while the brand keeps the Mini Rocketman in limbo, David Brown Automotive has returned with a modern take on the classic...

  • David Brown Speedback GT
    Coachbuilt David Brown Speedback confirmed for US

    Last year’s deliciously retro Speedback GT from British automotive startup David Brown will be offered for local sale following a debut at the 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance this August. The coachbuilt special, which clearly has been inspired by the Aston Martin DB5, will be...

  • David Brown Speedback GT
    David Brown reveals deliciously retro Speedback GT

    Sports car startup David Brown Automotive has revealed its first product, a deliciously retro, Aston Martin DB5-inspired grand tourer called the Speedback. The car is the brainchild of British businessman and sports car enthusiast David Brown (no relation to the David Brown of Aston Martin fame)...

  • David Brown Automotive

    Late last month a new luxury British sports car was announced by the startup automaker David Brown Automotive. Now, we've got our first taste of the car's styling and underpinnings, courtesy of a few teaser images and drivetrain details. The company's founder, businessman and sports car enthusiast David Brown, said the car will mix the "impact and style" of classic vehicles with the capabilities and conveniences of a modern one. It's hard to disagree from the newly-announced details, which show styling clearly influenced by cars of the past. Appropriately, there's more than a hint of cars...

  • David Brown Automotive
    David Brown To Launch New British Sports Car In 2014

    Great Britain has a long and illustrious history of producing luxury vehicles and sports cars, and when the two come together in brands like Jaguar and Aston Martin, the results can be spectacular. David Brown Automotive intends to be the next great British sports car maker, and has revealed plans...

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