Animal Detection

  • Volvo animal avoidance system

    When you're developing cars on roads that aren't unknown to feature the odd moose around the next corner, preventing drivers colliding with wild animals is understandably quite a priority for Volvo. To this end, Volvo has been developing a system based on its Pedestrian Detection and Full Auto Brake technology that will reduce the risk of hitting animals that stray out into the road that cause tens of thousands of accidents and injuries every year. It's all part of Volvo's corporate vision for 2020 - that no driver of any new Volvo should suffer serious injury or death. It's a big ask, but...

  • Volvo animal detection safety development
    Volvo Working On Animal Detection Safety System

    We’ve all heard of pedestrian detection safety systems but now Volvo is taking the concept to the next level by developing a version that can also detect animals. The project is the latest development in Volvo’s vision for 2020, a future in which accidents no longer occur thanks to...

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