• 1997 Dodge Shelby Viper GTS/CS prototype - Photo credit: Mecum Auctions

    There was a time when Carroll Shelby modified the Dodge Viper, and a one-off prototype built by him can now be yours.

  • RealTime Racing #42 Acura Integra Type-R
    #42 RealTime Racing Acura Integra Type R returns to competition

    After a complete restoration, the $42 RealTime Racing Acura Integra Type R returned to competition this summer.

  • Honda Del Sol TransTop
    Did Porsche Steal Its 911 Targa Robot From The Honda Del Sol TransTop?

    If you haven't seen the new Porsche 911 Targa doing its roof dance, you're missing out on one of the coolest things to come from this year's 2014 Detroit Auto Show. But it's not the first roof that goes through heroics so you don't have to. In fact, Porsche's solution for the new 911 Targa is...

  • 1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    VIDEO: Woman Rams Cop Car With Camaro

    When the police pull you over because you've been careening recklessly through a suburban neighborhood, you shouldn't slam your Camaro into reverse and smack into a police car several times. Because if you do, you'll end up in handcuffs. And in this day and age, on YouTube. See, those who work in...

  • 1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
    Video: Previous-Generation Camaro Destroyed By 1,500 Pounds Of Used Cell Phones

    Using YouTube as an advertising outlet is nothing new anymore, and cell-phone recycler Pace Butler has produced an ad in which a fourth-generation Camaro meets its demise by having 1,500 pounds of old cell phones dropped on it from above. According to a post on Jalopnik, the Camaro wasn't running...

  • 1990 BMW M8 Prototype
    One-Off 1990 BMW M8 Prototype Reappears In Germany

    To this day BMW has never launched an M8 but the automaker did come close to doing so at one point, though the project was canned at the last minute. Back in 1990 BMW built a one-off prototype version of its then new 8-Series sports coupe and labeled it the M8. The prototype featured a 6.0-liter...

  • 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4-door

    You know, we could do with a break from supercars -- particularly the Audi R8. Between Audi's well-caffeinated publicity team and the battalion of PR warriors manning the barricades at Paramount Pictures, we can't turn on a freakin' toaster without seeing an ad for Iron Man 2 or its sleek, cabrio co-star. Well we've had it. Enough. But where to find a salt-of-the-earth palate-cleanser? Nearly every celeb sighting in recent weeks has involved some kind of high-end ride, from the predictable to the regrettable. For a fleeting moment, we thought that Teri Hatcher was going to shake things up...

  • Volvo Acoustic Design Lab
    Volvo Acoustic Research Lab Searches For 'Scandinavian' Sound

    Building a uniquely Volvo sound that impresses without becoming overbearing is the goal of the new program.

  • BMW's Concept CS
    BMW cancels plans for production version of Concept CS

    On the back of weak financial results announced today, BMW has decided not to risk the launch of an expensive model like the production version of the Concept CS. The car had been conceived as a new range-topping super-sedan for the company, but its business case simply isn't convincing enough...

  • BMW's M Division working on CS-based 8-series flagship
    BMW's M Division working on CS-based 8-series flagship

    The 2007 Concept CS has been both admired and derided for its dramatic styling, but BMW is moving forward with plans to build an all-new range topping four-door coupe around the concept. The new model is expected to revive the 8-series nameplate and is reportedly set to launch in 2010, putting it...

  • Volvo found guilty of manslaughter
    Volvo found guilty of manslaughter

    In what seems to be a growing trend, Volvo cars was found guilty of manslaughter in a 1999 accident. Just a few weeks ago, a former Mitsubishi Motors head and several other executives were found guilty in the death of a man driving a defective truck that went out of control and hit a wall. The...

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