1990 BMW M8 Prototype

1990 BMW M8 Prototype

To this day BMW has never launched an M8 but the automaker did come close to doing so at one point, though the project was canned at the last minute. Back in 1990 BMW built a one-off prototype version of its then new 8-Series sports coupe and labeled it the M8.

The prototype featured a 6.0-liter variation of BMW’s S70 V-12 engine that developed 550 horsepower and it was clearly distinguished from the regular 8-Series on which it was based due to its missing headlights and subtle M8 badging. There was also a pair of side air vents located just in front of the rear wheels.

While BMW chose not to build the M8, a tamer version of the car was eventually launched in the form of the 850CSi. This car was also built by BMW's M division but it only developed 375 horsepower from its 5.6-liter V-12 engine.

Since then it was thought the original BMW M8 prototype had been destroyed, however, it was unveiled for the first time in front of journalists on July 2nd, 2010 at the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany. Follow the jump below to see images of it at the unveiling.