1999 Jeep Cherokee 4-door

1999 Jeep Cherokee 4-door


You know, we could do with a break from supercars -- particularly the Audi R8. Between Audi's well-caffeinated publicity team and the battalion of PR warriors manning the barricades at Paramount Pictures, we can't turn on a freakin' toaster without seeing an ad for Iron Man 2 or its sleek, cabrio co-star. Well we've had it. Enough.

But where to find a salt-of-the-earth palate-cleanser? Nearly every celeb sighting in recent weeks has involved some kind of high-end ride, from the predictable to the regrettable. For a fleeting moment, we thought that Teri Hatcher was going to shake things up, but alas: one of you proved us wrong. Thanks for that.

And so, we were totally stoked to stumble across this shot of CelebsAndCars n00bs Seth "I've Never Done Anything Like This Before" Rogen and Joseph "Be Gentle, It's My First Time" Gordon-Levitt, looking like totally normal, mid-90s college guys en route to a kegger in their Jeep Cherokee. Apart from the fact that they're celebs, that's about as down-to-earth as anyone could ask for, right? And as an added bonus, we get to ogle a Cherokee -- which we love almost as much as we hate that "Cherokee" song. You know the one. Don't make us sing it.

Unfortunately, this moment that we though was so candid and normal turns out to be completely staged. The photo was taken in Vancouver, where Rogen and Gordon-Levitt are shooting a movie about, maybe, pot or porn or something else that's totally legal up north but not so much in the Lower 48. Like the bursting of our Ms. Hatcher bubble, that makes us a little sad, but on the other hand, at least we have a movie to look forward to -- one that probably has nothing to do with iron men.