Maserati is developing a hardcore, track-only version of its MC20 supercar. It's known as the MCXtrema, and just 62 examples will be built.

The car was shown for the first time last summer during 2023 Monterey Car Week. Final track testing is now taking place ahead of the start of deliveries in late summer.

The MCXtrema won't be legal on the street. It is being developed exclusively as a track toy—it also doesn't meet any racing regulations—and Maserati plans to offer future owners a range of services built around the vehicle, consisting of driver coaching courses, track experiences, logistics support, and more. The services will be part of a program known as MCXperience.

Maserati will also offer a customization program known as MCXlusiva, enabling owners to make their cars stand out. There will be set options owners can choose from, plus a bespoke option that Maserati calls Beastspoke. It will allow owners to choose their own racing number and also some of the accent colors in the cabin.

The MCXtrema features a carbon-fiber body wrapped around the same Dallara-developed carbon tub found in the MC20, but augmented with an FIA-homologated roll cage. The engine is the same twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 found in the MC20, but tuned here to deliver 730 hp instead of the MC20's 621 hp. New turbos were the key upgrade, according to Maserati.

Other features include a 6-speed sequential transmission with paddle shifters, adjustable aero, adjustable suspension, lightweight Lexan windows, Brembo brakes, and 18-inch forged wheels with center locks.

Maserati's Fuoriserie personalization department is handling production. In the future, the department could churn out additional low-volume cars, including commissioned one-offs. The MCXtrema is meant to serve as an example of what's possible at Fuoriserie.

The MCXtrema isn't the first time Maserati has launched a track-only supercar. The company's previous MC12 supercar also had a track version. It was called the MC12 Versione Corse, and just 12 were built.