It's been 30 years since “Jurassic Park” first hit theaters and forever changed the aesthetic of dinosaur movies.

Jeep has decided to celebrate the milestone by offering a Jurassic Park-inspired graphics pack that will enable owners of the current Wrangler to turn their off-roaders into something resembling the 1992 Wrangler Saharas that featured in the film. The graphics pack can also be used for the Gladiator, Jeep said.

The packs are available via the website, but only to customers in North America. They are also limited to just 100 units, each uniquely numbered.

Two versions are available. The first costs $550 and includes the famous Jurassic Park logo on the doors, plus hood and fender graphics, a swing gate handle graphic (Wrangler only), and a shifter insert. The second pack costs $650 and includes all of the items of the first package, plus a second shifter insert for the transfer case.

Jurassic Park Package by Jeep Graphic Studio

Jurassic Park Package by Jeep Graphic Studio

Fans that miss out shouldn't feel too discouraged. There's a big community of fans that have built their own Jurassic Park-style Wranglers (and Ford Explorers, too), and they're happy to help out with tips and information for anyone considering taking on the challenge.

One of those communities is the Jurassic Park Motor Pool which has a reference page and workshop group for build tips. Its website also includes links to where fans can purchase stencils and decals, and lists part numbers for the exact lights, winches, and other accessories to make the vehicles look authentic.