Vin Diesel let slip during last month's premiere of “Fast X” that two more movies are planned to complete the “Fast and Furious” saga that started in 2001 with the original “The Fast and the Furious.”

Diesel, who plays the lead character Dominic Toretto, took to Instagram to confirm that the first of the two additional movies, tentatively titled “Fast X: Part II,” which will be the 11th in the saga, is due on April 4, 2025.

Timing for the 12th and final movie remains uncertain.

Diesel as recently as 2021 said that only one more movie was planned after "Fast X" to round out the storyline, but while on the red carpet for the "Fast X" premiere in Rome last month, he said producer Universal Pictures requested the saga go out with a trilogy instead of a two-part finale as originally planned.

Instagram post by Vin Diesel - June 2023

Instagram post by Vin Diesel - June 2023

The "Fast and Furious" franchise has grown beyond the original saga in recent years thanks to 2019's spinoff "Hobbs and Shaw," and the franchise could potentially live on with similar spinoffs. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who plays the character Luke Hobbs in the franchise, earlier in June announced via Twitter that there will be a new spinoff movie featuring Hobbs that will set up "Fast X: Part II."

Hobbs' character is also set to return to the main saga, despite Johnson in 2021 saying he would not be returning to the franchise. The announcement of his return was made via a Hobbs cameo appearance during the credits of "Fast X."

In the cameo, new villain Dante Reyes, played by Jason Momoa, calls Hobbs to tell him that he's his next target for the killing of his father. Reyes lost his family during the bridge chase from “Fast Five,” and "Fast X" centered on Reyes' attack on Toretto, whose fate is left unknown after a dam explosion at the end of the movie.