Alpine on Friday revealed its new LMDh race car set to compete in the premier Hypercar class of the World Endurance Championship from 2024.

The car is called the A424 (the version shown is a concept, which Alpine designates as a Beta), and it's powered by a turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 and single electric motor. Under LMDh rules, the powertrain's output must be capped at 670 hp.

LDMh rules also require teams to use donor chassis from one of four suppliers in an effort to keep a lid on costs. Alpine's A424 uses a chassis from Oreca.

The new LMDh cars race alongside LMH cars in the Hypercar class, with Balance of Performance rules used to provide an even playing field. Some of the other automakers already competing in the Hypercar class include Ferrari, Porsche, and Toyota. Lamborghini is also set to join the fray in 2024 with an LMDh race car of its own.

Alpine A424 Beta LMDh race car

Alpine A424 Beta LMDh race car

Alpine is committed to at least four seasons of racing an LMDh in the Hypercar class and plans to field two cars per season, working closely with its current endurance racing partner, Signatech.

The automaker currently competes in the lesser LMP2 class of the World Endurance Championship, but has previously competed in the Hypercar class with a grandfathered LMP1 race car.

Although LMDh cars are also eligible for the GTP class of the IMSA SportsCar Championship, Alpine doesn't plan to tackle the North American series anytime soon. Instead, it is relying on its Formula 1 program to build awareness in the U.S. ahead of a possible local launch. Alpine hasn't committed to selling cars in the U.S. but has been dropping major hints.

Alpine's sole road car at present is a mid-engine sports car known as the A110. All future models will be electric, with the first Alpine EV due in 2024. It will be a production version of the A290 Beta hot hatch shown earlier this year.