The Yenko name may be most commonly associated with classic Camaros, but in recent times it's been slapped on modern Chevys, including Silverado pickup trucks.

That's thanks to Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) of Toms River, New Jersey, which licenses the rights to the Yenko trademark from General Marketing Capitol Inc. Through the agreement, SVE uses the Yenko name for an array of tuned vehicles. The latest is the 2023 Yenko/SC Tahoe and 2023 Yenko/SC Suburban.

The SUVs can be ordered with either the 5.3-liter V-8 or 6.2-liter V-8 offered from the factory, and with rear- or four-wheel drive. The Yenko/SC treatment sees the engines supercharged to the tune of 700 hp for the 5.3-liter V-8 and 800 hp for the 6.2-liter V-8. Both versions make more power than Cadillac's new Escalade-V.

The supercharger is an in-house design, and is coupled with a blueprinted aluminum engine block, forged aluminum pistons, upgraded cylinder heads, and a high-flow stainless steel exhaust system.

2023 Yenko/SC Tahoe

2023 Yenko/SC Tahoe

SVE also adds an assortment of chassis upgrades to help ensure owners can make the most of the extra power. Yenko-badged Brembo 6-piston calipers with vented rotors feature at the front axle, housed within standard 22-inch wheels wrapped in Nitto tires. A new sway bar and bushings at the rear help to get the power to the ground during strong acceleration.

The price of the packages is $67,995 for the 700-hp version and $69,995 for the 800-hp version, plus the cost of the donor vehicle.

An available $4,495 sport suspension lowers the SUVs by 2.0 inches front and 3.0 inches rear and includes upgraded shocks. SUVs with adaptive suspension can be fitted with a separate $995 lowering kit that drops the front and rear by an equal 2.0 inches.

Both SUVs also feature a graphics package and a custom front grille and fascia.

SVE offers a range of additional options for buyers to further personalize their vehicles. These include a $2,995 leather seat trim package, $1,195 for a painted supercharger or painted brake calipers, $3,495 for retractable side steps, $495 for a custom color for the side stripes, a $4,495 body color paint package, and a $3,495 black-out trim package.

The SUVs are available to order at Chevy dealerships and only 50 examples of each will be built for the 2023 model year.