Stellantis is in the process of transitioning most of its brands to fully electric lineups based on four EV platforms, and that includes performance brands like Abarth, which is out testing its first EV.

Our latest spy shots show a prototype for a new Fiat 500 Abarth EV that's expected to go on sale in late 2023 or early the following year.

The Fiat 500 was dropped from the U.S. market after 2019 but remains on sale elsewhere, including in redesigned, fully electric form.

Fiat 500 - Euro version, fully electric

Fiat 500 - Euro version, fully electric

The prototype in our spy shots is based on the redesigned electric Fiat 500 but features Abarth cues like the roof-mounted spoiler, wheels, uprated brakes, and a sporty design for the front intake's grille.

The most potent electric Fiat 500 at present has a 117-hp motor powered by a 42-kwh battery. Any Abarth version should have more power. It should also sport some chassis mods, at least if previous Abarth-tuned 500s are any indication.

Fiat will offer other modern Abarth vehicles, too. Olivier Francois, who heads both Fiat and Abarth, has hinted that he expects there to be more than one Abarth model on sale at any time. One possibility for a second Abarth is a hot version of a future electric Fiat 500X.