Free2Move, a global mobility company owned by Stellantis, is bringing the adorable Citroen Ami to its car-sharing fleet in the United States.

Before you get too excited, note that only five of the electric minicars are being brought over to be used in a trial in Washington, D.C., where Free2Move currently operates a fleet of Chevrolets. The company plans to expand its U.S. fleet to Portland, Oregon, but hasn't confirmed a date.

Free2Move is committed to electrifying its fleet and will use the Citroen Ami trial to gather feedback on usability and drivability for such a tiny car on U.S. roads, the company said on Monday. In case you've forgotten, the Ami measures just 7.9 feet in length, tops out at 28 mph, and has a 5.5-kilowatt-hour battery good for only about 43 miles of range. Oh, it also has just 8 hp.

2020 Citroen Ami

2020 Citroen Ami

Free2Move customers book cars via a dedicated app. Parking, gas, and insurance are included in the cost of each vehicle rental. Rental rates are based on how long a customer has a vehicle, on a per minute, per hour, or per day basis.

Confirmation of the Ami's arrival in the U.S. coincides with the reveal of a commercial version of the Ami. Called the Ami Cargo, the vehicle matches most of the specs of the standard Ami but has a storage area instead of a passenger seat. The maximum payload rating is 308 pounds and there's over 14 cubic feet when you include the standard storage area in the rear.

The Ami Cargo starts sales in Europe this June with a price tag of 6,490 (approximately $7,800), or 410 euros less than the standard Ami.