Mercedes-Benz is close to revealing its new EQS, and while we already know the battery-electric sedan will be high-tech, a new video out shows that it will also be very safe.

Mercedes last week released a video featuring its electric powertrain chief engineer, Eva Greiner. At 4:54 into the clip, she explained how the EQS will be able to precisely adjust the drive torque at the front and rear electric motors to suit the conditions, resulting in impressive stability even on very slippery surfaces.

To demonstrate the system, a guest driver by the name of Felix Smith first tests a conventionally powered S-Class Coupe on a wet test track. He then swaps into the EQS and is able to drive faster and with more confidence. The difference is “huge,” he said.

The driver can also select how the system reacts by switching between Comfort, Efficiency and Dynamic settings, according to Greiner. This will likely be done via a drive mode selector.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS prototype

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS prototype

Earlier in the clip, Greiner also highlighted the EQS's Eco-Assist feature. Using GPS data, the EQS will tell the driver when to let off the accelerator when approaching a point in the road where the car needs to slow, in order to maximize efficiency.

The EQS is a fastback sedan that will be positioned alongside the S-Class in Mercedes' lineup. It was previewed in 2019 by the Vision EQS concept and will introduce, likely as an option, a dash-wide curved display dubbed the MBUX Hyperscreen.

The EQS is expected to start sales in the United States later this year as a 2022 model. It will be the first of Mercedes' EQ-branded electric vehicles to be sold here. The automaker was meant to introduce the EQC small SUV last year but has instead decided to use the technologically superior EQS to spearhead its EV plans in this market. The move is part of a new top-down approach announced by Ola Kaellenius, CEO of Mercedes parent company Daimler, last fall.

Unlike the EQC, which is related to the GLC-Class, the EQS is the first to ride on a new dedicated EV platform known as EVA. In addition to a dual-motor powertrain, the platform is expected to support a range approaching 400 miles on a charge. Other EVA-based models in the pipeline include an EQS SUV, a smaller EQE sedan, and an EQE SUV.