Bentley is launching four tweed interior options for the Continental GT, Flying Spur, and Bentayga. The options use sustainably sourced materials, the automaker said in a press release Monday.

The tweed inserts are offered as part of Bentley's traditional leather interiors. Patterns include Cheltenham (green), Glen Plaid–Tolsta Beach (a check pattern), and Charcoal and San Herringbone, which are designed for dark and light interiors, respectively, Bentley said.

Tweed is sourced from Scotland's Lovat Mill, which was chosen for its environmentally friendly production process, according to Bentley. The mill is a "dry" facility with no industrial chemicals used on site, and it uses "environmentally aware" versatile rapier looms, according to the automaker. In addition, 90% of local electricity comes from renewable sources, Bentley said. This emphasis on sustainability is part of the automaker's Bentley 100 plan, which also includes electric powertrains for future production vehicles.

Bentley tweed interior

Bentley tweed interior

Availability of tweed as a regular-production interior option follows the use of the stereotypically British woven-wool fabric on the Continental GT convertible's roof, and on several special editions.

Bentley's Mulliner personalization division previously collaborated with Savile Row tailor Hunstman on the Sportsman Bentayga, which used Peck 62 tweed on the dashboard fascia. Mulliner also used diamond-quilted tweed on the door panels and rear quarter panels of the Continental GT Equestrian Edition.

The Bentley Bacalar speedster also got a bit of tweed. The material was used on the center console, dashboard, door panels, and seats, as well for a matching luggage set. Unveiled earlier this year, the Bacalar is a Continental GT-based two-seater with a production run limited to just 12 cars, and a rumored price of $1.9 million.