Even though Bugatti started deliveries of its Divo in April, it appears the automaker is still fine-tuning the hypercar.

During a recent test session for automakers at the Nürburgring, a Divo was spotted stretched its legs and the sound the $5.8 million monster makes is enough to build the excitement alone. A previous session for the Divo included hot-weather testing completed more than a year ago.

The Nürburgring test is perhaps the most vital as Bugatti has made it clear that the Divo is “made for corners.” That's because the Divo, while based on the Chiron platform, features a unique body and interior and has been tuned more for carving up a racetrack than attempting to crack land speed records.

Bugatti Divo hot-weather testing

Bugatti Divo hot-weather testing

A combination of less weight (-77 pounds), increased downforce (+198 pounds), and higher lateral acceleration (1.6 g), meant the Divo was able to lap Italy's Nardo handling circuit a full 8.0 seconds faster than the Chiron despite the two cars having the same 1,480-horsepower output. That's a huge difference given the circuit's short 1.74-mile distance. Perhaps Bugatti plans to announce a 'Ring time for the car in the near future, too.

The unveiling of the Divo in 2018 also marked a return to Bugatti's long-lost business model of coach-built cars. That is the process of building bespoke bodies on an existing platform. In this case, the Divo shares its underpinnings with the Chiron.

Bugatti will build just 40 Divos in total. Other recent Chiron-based cars the company has unveiled include the $8.9M Centodieci and $12.4 million La Voiture Noire, and soon we might be able to add a roadster to the list.