Volkswagen's Arteon is about to come in for a subtle facelift, and included in the range this time will be a wagon, plug-in hybrid, and high-performance Arteon R.

Sadly, only one of those new options is expected to reach the United States...the hybrid.

We should have more details soon as VW will unveil its updated Arteon on June 24. It will arrive in showrooms later in the year as a 2021 model.

Teaser sketches reveal the look of the updated Arteon and new Arteon wagon, which VW calls the Arteon Shooting Brake.

Teaser for 2021 Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake debuting June 24, 2020

Teaser for 2021 Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Brake debuting June 24, 2020

From spy shots of prototypes, we know the styling tweaks will be minor, consisting of a new grille with fewer horizontal slats, a new front fascia, and slightly revised taillights.

More substantial updates are planned for the interior, including a new dash design with a larger infotainment screen and more connectivity options. More advanced electronic driver-assist features will also be included with this update. One of these will be the semi-autonomous Travel Assist feature which during highway driving can handle the steering, acceleration and braking, albeit with the driver required to monitor things in case of an emergency.

Powertrains will also be tweaked. In addition to the new plug-in hybrid, a 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 pumping out around 400 horsepower is expected to be made available in a new Arteon R grade.

The Arteon only reached the U.S. for the 2019 model year, but the handsome fastback sedan has been on sale elsewhere since 2017 and thus at the midpoint in its life cycle. These updates should keep it looking and feeling fresh for the remainder of its life.