Yes, you read that correctly. Not a tractor trailer, but an actual tractor—the sort you might find in a field next to a highway, or, if you're really unlucky, on the highway and blocking traffic as it trundles along at 20 mph. 

In stock form, the hottest tune for the 6-cylinder diesel in a JCB Fastrac 8000-series makes just 348 horses, but it does crank out more than 1,400 pound-feet of torque. It's actually reasonably quick, too—for a tractor, anyway. It'll do 43 mph in stock form. Not this one, though. This modified Fastrac boasts 1,000 horsepower thanks to help from an electric turbo, a massive intercooler and a lot of extra boost. 

And that was enough for Guy Martin, top speed record holder in all things unconventional, to pilot it to 135 mph, setting a Guinness World Record for fastest modified tractor, and beating out the 87-mph record set by Top Gear back in 2018, the world record-keeping organization announced Sunday.

Martin made his first attempt in the Fastrac in June, and managed to top 100 mph during that session, which was good enough to beat Top Gear's record, but the team wanted more. 

"There are some good folk there and they said about this idea of building the world's fastest tractor. So I said 'if you want it piloting give us a shout' and that’s where it came about," Martin told Guinness.

And this tractor is built, make no mistake. Glance inside the cockpit and you'll see a beefy roll cage and racing seat have replaced the stock interior (such as it is). The cab itself has been modified for better aero, and the body panels have been replaced with lighter, slicker components. It also has a rear diffuser for added high-speed stability. 

If you're into fast field equipment, the Honda "Mean Mower" Mk2 might also be right up your alley. The motorcycle-powered riding mower set a 0-100 record of just 6.825 seconds in the hands of "Fast and Furious Live" stunt driver Jessica Hawkins.