This is the world's fastest gardening tool. The Honda Mean Mower Mk2 officially set a new 0-100 mph world record in Germany, with video evidence published to YouTube on Monday.

Honda revealed its second-generation Mean Mower in March 2018 and said it was ready to have another crack at the world record, which it set in 2014 with the first-generation Mean Mower. How mean are we talking for a lawnmower? It has 192 horsepower, which is more power than a Honda Civic Sport. Or a Fiat 124 Spider Abarth.

Honda Mean Mower Mk2

Honda Mean Mower Mk2

Making the power is a CBR1000RR Fireblade's motorcycle engine, which displaces 1.0 liters and revs to a sky-high 13,000 rpm. The launches in the video are hilarious and jaw-dropping.

Honda made the record attempt at the Dekra Lausitzring racetrack near Dresden, Germany, on May 6. Guinness World Records was on hand to witness the attempt.

To qualify for the record, the Mean Mower still needed to look like a lawn mower, and most importantly, be capable of cutting grass. The high-performance mower does both. It also hauls ass.

Like all speed records, Guinness mandates two runs in opposite directions and takes the average of both. After both runs were in the books, the official time from 0-100 mph for the Mean Mower Mk2 was 6.825 seconds. That was the average of the first run of 6.43 seconds and the second run of 6.12 seconds. By the way, the 0-60 mph times were 3.45 and 3.08 seconds, respectively.

Even more incredible is how fast the mower can actually go. Honda also let the mower rip down a longer straight, where the gardening tool clocked a top speed of 150 mph. Originally, the company thought it would do 134 mph. The original Mean Mower only went 116.57 mph.

Behind the wheel of the angry lawnmower was Jessica Hawkins. Fans may recognize her as one of the stunt drivers who performed with "Fast and Furious Live." Her resume is only more colorful with this accolade.

Have a look at this crazy record run in the video above.