The Devel Sixteen is one of those cars that seems destined to be forever vaporware. The Dubai-based automaker laid out plans in 2013 to produce the Sixteen hypercar with a 5,000 horsepower V-16 but alas, here we are, nearly seven years later, and Devel’s promise of a Bugatti-toppling machine has yet to come to fruition.

The last time we heard an update about the Devel Sixteen was last year, and the news was not good. A 2018 report from Road & Track suggested the entire project was on an indefinite hold. Manufattura Automobili Torino, an engineering firm that was working with Devel to build the Sixteen, reportedly quit the project, and Devel couldn’t keep its in-house designed 16-cylinder engine from overheating during normal driving, which is a pretty important feature for a car.

But despite all that, Devel wants you to know that its Sixteen hypercar, and the company, is still alive and well. The automaker posted a video to YouTube on Tuesday showing the Sixteen driving under its own power.

However, saying Devel’s video of the Sixteen is underwhelming would be a massive understatement. The amateur video shows little more than the Sixteen rolling by at jogging speeds—not overly impressive for a vehicle that supposedly has a top speed in excess of 300 mph and generates 2,000 horsepower from its base engine. 

Is the video proof that the Devel Sixteen is still on the path to production? We doubt it, but only time will tell.