• Devel Sixteen production-spec prototype

    New videos posted by the manufacturer show an alleged production-spec prototype for the hypercar undergoing road and track testing.

  • Devel Sixteen
    Devel wants to remind everyone the Sixteen is still supposedly coming

    A video posted by the manufacturer reportedly shows the long-delayed hypercar moving under its own power.

  • Devel Sixteen
    Devel Sixteen reportedly not even close to production

    Dubai-based Devel is reportedly a far cry from producing the 5,007-horsepower Devel Sixteen supercar, and a notable engineering company is no longer working with the company. Road & Track reported on Tuesday that a source claimed the car is indefinitely stuck in development. Since the project's...

  • Devel Sixty
    Devel Sixty 6x6 SUV smokes Mercedes-AMG GT in drag race

    Dubai's Devel has started testing prototypes for a 6x6 super SUV dubbed the Sixty. Part of the testing included a trip to the drag strip where the Sixty managed to outmuscle a Mercedes-AMG GT sports car. Devel quotes a 0-60 mph time of 5.8 seconds for the Sixty, so the prototype in the video might...

  • Devel Sixteen prototype testing in the desert
    Watch the Devel Sixteen launch in the desert

    Last November, Dubai-based Devel Motors shocked the world and proved many naysayers wrong when it unveiled a production version of its Sixteen hypercar. Now, we have some running video of the car somewhere in the desert with a sinister sounding idle and exhaust note. The Instagram video simply...

  • Devel Sixteen
    5,000-horsepower Devel Sixteen debuts in production trim

    Dubai’s Devel shocked the world four years ago when it announced plans for a 5,000-horsepower, V-16-powered car capable of speeds over 300 mph. At the time, the company rolled out a crudely built prototype that looked like it was hastily put together in a back shed somewhere. It goes without...

  • Devel Sixteen at Dubai Motor Show

    It's been four years since the Devel Sixteen caused a ruckus at the Dubai motor show, but the company has so far failed to show a working prototype of the car. That may change soon. Road & Track reported on Wednesday that the Devel Sixteen may show up at the 2017 Dubai motor show complete and ready to rock the hypercar world. In case you missed it, the hypercar's (unverified) claims to fame include 5,000 horsepower from a quad-turbocharged V-16 engine and a 348 mph top speed. As far as we know, the engine does exist, but the entire car does not. Video surfaced of the Sixteen's 12.3-liter...

  • The Devel quad-turbo V-16 makes over 5,000 horsepower
    Watch Devel’s 12.3-liter quad-turbo V-16 make 5,007 horsepower

    When a new hypercar builder arrives on the scene, it's met with lots of skepticism and eye rolling. It's typically all warranted, though, as these cars promise insane speeds, crazier price tags, and an often imaginary waiting list. This is also usually accompanied by press release photos that are...

  • Devel Sixteen spotted in the wild
    5,000-HP, 348-MPH Devel Sixteen spotted in the wild

    While there’s plenty of reason to doubt the factuality of the Devel Sixteen’s claims of 5,000 horsepower, we now know, at the least, that it’s not total vaporware. It has been spotted out and about on a beach near Dubai. MUST WATCH: LaFerrari Nearly Powerslides Right Into Oncoming...

  • Devel Sixteen at Dubai Motor Show
    Devel Sixteen developer speaks: 5,000-HP one-off "a unique car to break all records"

    Skepticism is healthy, unless you're offering a 5,000-horsepower one-off supercar powered by a quad-turbo V-16 engine. Then the best path is unrelenting belief in the goal. Fortunately, Rashid Al-Attari, the developer of the Devel Sixteen, appears to be convinced of the possibilities. LEARN MORE...

  • Devel Sixteen at Dubai Motor Show
    Devel Sixteen claims 5,000 HP, 348 MPH top speed

    Not, it's not April Fool's Day, although it might be a bit foolish to think of this supercar as anything but vaporware. The Devel Sixteen was unveiled at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show with the promise of 5,000 horsepower from a sixteen-cylinder engine. That's the power of roughly four Bugatti Veyron...

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