Skepticism is healthy, unless you're offering a 5,000-horsepower one-off supercar powered by a quad-turbo V-16 engine. Then the best path is unrelenting belief in the goal. Fortunately, Rashid Al-Attari, the developer of the Devel Sixteen, appears to be convinced of the possibilities.

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Just building a 5,000-horsepower car isn't impossible; many drag race cars exceed that figure. But those drag cars only do it for a handful of seconds between rebuilds. Doing it in a car that can be driven on the street is another matter entirely.

New details about Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry's Devel Sixteen included in the video: it will also have a "street mode" that will deactivate eight of the 16 cylinders and reduce power to about 800-900 horsepower. Want the full shebang? Push a button and the other eight cylinders, all four turbos, and 4,200 more horsepower come to life.

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Better yet? This isn't the end point of the DEVCI trajectory. Another project, which is "MUCH MUCH bigger than this one" is in the works. As the developer says, "believe me, you won't be disappointed."

It's the believing part we're still struggling with.