Porsche gave us our first look at the high-tech dash layout for the new all-electric Taycan on Thursday and the future looks so close, we could reach out and touch it.

And we can touch it in up to five different places. When equipped with optional features, driver, front passenger, and rear passengers get their own touch-sensitive controls in the Porsche Taycan.

The Taycan's instrument cluster is splayed across a 16.8-inch curved screen set behind anti-glare glass, an all-digital readout that mimics the classic Porsche 911. Depending on selected display mode—Classic, Map, Full Map, and Pure—the gauges can display high-resolution maps, speedometer, state of charge, navigation information, outside temperature, and time, among other information. The instrument cluster is set low behind the steering wheel with no cowl above it for a minimalist, clean look. Flanking the instrument cluster are surface buttons for lights, ride height, suspension stiffness, and traction control modes.

In Classic mode, a power meter replaces the traditional tachometer from gas-powered Porsches with a speed readout in the middle of the power circle. Map mode replaces the power meter with a high-resolution map, similar to current Porsche models that show maps along the sides of the binnacle. In Full Map mode, the instruments are replaced entirely by a digital map display. In Pure mode, the instrument cluster is pared down to speed, traffic signs, and arrows only for navigation information.

Porsche said the processing power behind all of the screens could display full maps that nearly span the entire width of the dash.

The instrument cluster sits behind one of two steering wheel options: standard and GT. The GT wheel sports exposed screws and a drive-selector manettino at 4 o'clock that toggles among Range, Normal, Sport, Sport+, and Individual drive settings.

In the middle, a 10.9-inch touchscreen for infotainment stands atop another 8.4-inch touchscreen that controls climate functions and displays state of charge. The haptic feedback screen is likely similar to units in Audis, which can be configured with presets for audio, navigation, and other settings that drag and drop and includes handwriting recognition. Individual vents can be controlled via the bottom touchscreen, a la Tesla, instead of mechanical controls.

The center-console touchscreen in one of the teaser photos shows a range readout, with 286 km (178 miles) remaining at 75 percent state of charge—which might indicate a full range of 237 miles, anecdotally.

Porsche Taycan dashboard

Porsche Taycan dashboard

When equipped, the passenger-side touchscreen can control similar functions as the infotainment screen and is set behind glass that is flush with the center touchscreen and can be turned off. An optional 5.9-inch touchscreen is available for rear passengers to set their own individual climate settings.

Porsche said the Taycan can be shod in leather; a natural leather-like material made from olive leaves; or grippy synthetic suede. The floors are covered in recycled synthetic fiber. The doors and center console can be covered in wood, aluminum, fabric, or composite fibers.

Behind the steering wheel to the left is the power button, similar to the starter on classic Posrches. To the right is a transmission selector switch, similar to the new 911's pillar.

We'll see the new Taycan fully revealed on Sept. 4.