Lotus on Tuesday unveiled an electric hypercar called the Evija, a 1,973-horsepower beast developed with Williams Advanced Engineering and on track for delivery in 2020.

Just 130 examples will be built, but Lotus will soon follow it up with more EVs. In fact, several more.

In an interview with Autocar published Wednesday, Lotus CEO Phil Popham revealed that Lotus will launch a new sports car toward the end of 2020 and that after it every new car the company adds will have a “full electric version.”

Phil Popham at the Lotus Evija launch

Phil Popham at the Lotus Evija launch

Work on the new sports car was started prior to Geely taking over Lotus in 2017. The car, which could be a redesigned Elise, will be based on a modified version of Lotus' current aluminum tub and feature a powertrain sourced from Toyota.

Lotus' attention will then turn to new models based on a platform being developed with Geely, which, as Popham has revealed, will support electric powertrains. The first of these is likely a few years out still.

Interestingly, Popham sees Lotus production eventually moving beyond 10,000 units per year, which is the capacity of the company's current plant in Hethel, United Kingdom. It's why there are plans to handle production of some Lotus models in China. Last year Lotus built around 1,700 cars.