When Hennessey Performance Engineering isn't busy building Chevrolet Silverado pickups with three axles, it's doing things like making a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 with 1,139 horsepower—at the wheels.

HPE showed off what it calls the world's most powerful Corvette ZR1 with an automatic transmission in a new video. The short clip also has us readying a petition to make the supercharged 6.2-liter V-8's noise the official soundtrack of America. All the horsepower is joined by 994 pound-feet of rear-wheel torque and this sports car's drink of choice is E85.

The Texas-based tuner didn't list out the full docket of upgrades the Corvette ZR1 undoubtedly sports, but the video description does mention the supercharger's boost was turned up to 24 psi. In the stock model, Chevrolet only tuned the supercharger to 13 psi. When the technician lets it rip on the dyno, the hall is filled with the sweet sounds of the thundering V-8. Then, hilarity ensues as HPE shows the gauge cluster in another pull. It's almost jaw-dropping to watch both the analog and digital speedometer count by 10 mph as the car accelerates.

This isn't the first time HPE has toyed around with the king of all Corvettes. Earlier this year, the company showed off a 1,000-hp model on the dyno with 905 hp at the rear wheels. Obviously, this car and its tuning package kicks things up a notch. We're hardly surprised, though. This is the same company that said a month after Chevy debuted the Corvette ZR1 that it had plans to offer models with up to 1,200 hp. With this car, HPE is only 61 ponies off target. Check it out above.