General Motors CEO Mary Barra on Thursday said the automaker's first electric pickup truck will be available in 2021.

She made the comments during an investor presentation held just hours before Tesla revealed its Cybertruck, according to Reuters. Tesla's pickup is also due in 2021, though the automaker is notorious for missing deadlines.

Further comments made by Barra during the presentation also suggest that GM's first electric pickup could be positioned more as a lifestyle-oriented vehicle as opposed to a serious workhorse.

"General Motors understands truck buyers," she said. "And we also understand people who are new coming into the truck market that view it as a lifestyle vehicle."

This ties in with a report from October that suggested the pickup could be launched under a revived Hummer. Per the report, the pickup would be based on a modular platform also spawning models for Cadillac and GMC.

While that's still the subject of rumors, we know for certain the pickup will be built at GM's Detroit-Hamtramck plant. The production plans were announced as part of GM's labor deal hammered out with the UAW in late October. We also know Cadillac will launch at least one EV early next decade, and that GM's portfolio of EVs will have 20 members by the end of 2023.

Despite the electric pickup segment largely being uncharted waters, there are a lot of players, big and small, eager to enter it. In addition to the entries from GM and Tesla, Ford has an electric F-150 is in the works and EV startups Rivian, Lordstown and Bollinger all plan to start production of their respective R1T, Endurance and B2 pickups as early as next year.