A new documentary airing on Netflix will tell the story of history's greatest Formula One driver: Michael Schumacher.

The “Schumacher” documentary is set for release on September 15 and has the full blessing of the racing legend's family, several members of whom will feature. A new trailer shows wife Corrina and children Gina-Maria and Mick. Father Rolf Schumacher is also expected to make an appearance.

And while the documentary will highlight the fighting spirit and strive for perfection that Schumacher is highly regarded for, it will also reveal the self-doubt and insecurities that he, like any person, also faced.

For Schumacher fans, it will provide never-before-seen footage of the former racer, on and off the track. And while it isn't expected to focus on his life after his debilitating 2013 skiing accident, it's rumored there may be some footage of Schumacher's 50th birthday celebration held in 2019 at his home in Switzerland. If so, it may be the first glimpse we've received of Schumacher following his accident.

Schumacher is the second most decorated F1 driver, with 91 Grand Prix wins and seven championship titles. Six of the titles were for Ferrari between 1996 and 2006. Son Mick has since followed in his father's footsteps, having started racing in F1 this year with Haas.