Police from the northern German city of Wismar seized over 100 cars on Thursday due to suspicions they were involved in street racing.

Most of the owners were from Norway and taking part in the Eurorally, a non-competitive group drive taking participants from the Norwegian capital Oslo to Prague in the Czech Republic, with the route also including stretches across Sweden, Germany and Poland.

It was during a stretch on the A20 Autobahn near Wismar that the cars, which included exotics like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, were stopped and later seized. Although the speed on this stretch was unrestricted, concerned locals contacted police due to the dangerous nature in which some of the cars were travelling, with some clocked at 155 mph.

A German federal police spokesman told Bild in an interview published Thursday that the Eurorally event had been stopped and that investigations were underway to determine whether the event could be categorized as an illegal race.

While group drives like the Eurorally can be fun, there are times when participants take things too far and cause accidents where other road users end up injured or even killed. In 2007, a driver participating in the Gumball 3000, one of the more famous events, was involved in an accident with another car whose driver and front passenger were killed.