Values are soaring for many Ferraris, including modern examples, and the Italian brand is launching a new program that could potentially add further value when it comes time to sell.

Ferrari last week announced the Ferrari Premium program, an official maintenance program complete with a certificate guaranteeing that all required maintenance, including safety-related recalls, has been carried out correctly.

No doubt the certificate will provide that extra bit of assurance for any potential buyers of a used Ferrari. And for owners, the program also offers special prices for a number of required parts and fluids, which may come in handy for those items subject to wear over time.

Cars with the Ferrari Premium certificate will also have access to the Ferrari Classiche certification program once they turn 20.

All new Ferraris come standard with a 3-year warranty that can be extended a further 24 months. The cars also come with seven years of free scheduled maintenance, which includes the cost of parts and labor. On top of this, Ferrari offers extended warranty programs for major mechanical components.

Below are the cars currently eligible for the Ferrari Premium program:

456 GT/GTA
456 M GT/GTA
550 Maranello
550 Barchetta
360 Modena (all versions)
575 Maranello
575 Superamerica
612 Scaglietti (all versions)
F430 (all versions)
599 GTB Fiorano
599 SA Aperta
599 GTO
Ferrari Enzo