Aston Martin won't simply take $2.6 million from buyers of its upcoming Valkyrie supercar and call it a day. Not in the slightest.

The personalization process is, to put it bluntly, incredible. Top Gear magazine was able to step into the shoes of a Valkyrie customer and specify its own model as if they had paid for the car and were ready to fill a build slot with a one-off look. Top Gear published its video to YouTube on Thursday, and the process is pretty mesmerizing to watch.

A design coach of sorts sits with the would-be customer and offers her recommendations based on colors of schemes the buyer fancies. In this case, it's emerald green with gold accents. To dial up the customization, she also shares that Aston Martin has experimented with a fading effect for paint colors. With that knowledge, the pair choose a fade from the emerald green to silver. Eventually, yellow-gold accents are placed on some of the lines to accentuate the aerodynamic elements of the car. The lines chosen reveal a bomb shape for the cockpit and rear wing when viewed from above.

The customer flips through the four different wheel choices with various finishes, chooses black or chrome exhaust pipes, and then heads to the interior. Inside, accent colors are totally customizable, as is the carbon-fiber finish.

That's not all. If a customer decides they'd like the Track Package, Aston Martin designs and assembles a whole new set of body panels that will need to be fitted to the car for track days. The panels are interchangeable with the standard panels and can be finished in an entirely different color scheme with different wheels to boot. The Valkyrie won't be street legal with the Track Package.

No matter what elements the customer chooses, the engine is a Cosworth-developed 6.5-liter V-12 engine paired with an electric motor for well over 1,000 horsepower.

Truly, the options are endless, and Aston Martin isn't kidding when it says no two of the 150 cars to be produced will be alike.

Take a look at the process above and imagine how you'd outfit your $2.6 million hypercar.