Aston Martin has previewed some of the tasty options afforded to buyers of its limited-edition Valkyrie hypercar.

The Valkyrie is due to start deliveries this year and buyers, all 175 of them, will get the chance to personalize their cars, with the Q by Aston Martin division on Wednesday providing a glimpse of what's possible.

One of the options, the AMR Track Performance Pack, is designed to bridge the gap between the road-going Valkyrie and track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro. Aston Martin says the track pack can help improve the Valkyrie's track times by 8 percent, though some of the mods can't be used on the road. However, these have been designed to be easily interchangeable with the road-legal parts.

Included in the pack is a full set body panels that includes a new front clam design. There are also magnesium wheels with aero-disc covers, more hardcore suspension settings (revised dampers, torsion bars, anti-roll bars), and a lighter titanium brake package. Buyers can also select personalized liveries and pit garage and race suit accessories.

Aston Martin Valkyrie with Q by Aston Martin's Ultimate Designer Specification

Aston Martin Valkyrie with Q by Aston Martin's Ultimate Designer Specification

For buyers who want to dress up their cars, Q by Aston Martin has some interesting options. One of these is referred to as the Ultimate Design Specification. Here, the roof and rear engine cover come in exposed carbon fiber, which can be tinted to match the rest of the car. The exhaust tips are also made black. As a special touch, buyers can also have the Aston Martin winged logo made from titanium.

For the interior, the Ultimate Design Specification adds custom colors for the Alcantara trim and seat harness. Leather and carbon fiber trim can also be added, and switches on the steering wheel can be made in anodised silver, black or red. Alternatively, buyers can add titanium switches.

Q by Aston Martin has concocted a number of other design packs. These include a number of colors and options, even a Gold Pack that features a 24-carat gold leaf livery laid under the protective lacquer. It's an option popular with buyers of Koenigsegg hypercars, so don't be surprised if Valkyrie buyers opt for it too.

As mentioned, deliveries of the Valkyrie start this year for the road car and 2020 for the Valkyrie AMR Pro. Aston Martin will build just 175 Valkyries all up, of which 25 will be AMR Pros, and yes all build slots are sold. The cars are confirmed with a 6.5-liter V-12 and KERS-style hybrid system. We're still waiting on the final specs but the V-12 alone has been confirmed to spit out 1,000 horsepower and 545 pound-feet of torque.