Remember those red race car beds from childhood? Some even came with a steering wheel attached to let young car buffs live out their racing fantasies.

Now Ken Block's Hoonigan crew has turned fantasy into reality.

Hoonigan's "Garage Garage" YouTube series decided to take one standard issue race car bed and turn it into a real car. Yes, this bed now has a kart motor, a chassis, steering wheel, and four wheels to drive the contraption.

After the crew creates a chassis and mounts a two-stroke engine, the challenge comes with the frame. The plastic and steel need to support a lot of weight, so the master engineers created mounts to tie it all together. The crew also plucks a video game chair of sorts for the driver to sit in and, of course, installs a handbrake. This is the Hoonigan crew, after all. You can watch the team test out the handbrake in some push tests before the engine takes over duty. It's quite entertaining, to say the least.

The entire process is fascinating to watch as the race car bed comes to life. The first part in the series you can watch above, the second part is right down below. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing build, which means we'll need to check in later to see how the entire build turns out in its final stage. But, the crew plans to get the engine running, clean the car up, and then see how the furniture turned machinery actually runs.