Is the future of classic cars one where electric powertrains triumph? A British firm by the name of Charge thinks so, and it's revealed a classic Ford Mustang with an electric powertrain swap.

The company revealed the car in October, but it's more than just a quick internal-combustion engine to battery pack redo. The Mustang, based on a 1960s body shell reproduction, is fitted with an adaptable all-wheel-drive system that can also send power exclusively to the rear wheels.

The powertrain comes from Arrival, which devised a setup to produce 402 horsepower and a whopping 885 pound-feet of torque. Further, 0-62 mph will happen in just 3.1 seconds and the future-proofed Mustang will go 124 miles on a charge, per the firm.

Specifics are few and far between, but we see the Charge Mustang gains modern LED headlights, a revised grille, new taillights, a set of 10-spoke wheels, and Charge said a high-performance brake system is onboard. Inside, there's nothing vintage about this classic Mustang conversion. The interior is completely redone with modern gadgets, touchscreens, and plenty of luxurious materials. The infotainment setup recalls the Tesla Model S's iPad-like unit bolted in the middle of the console. Jaguar did something similar with its own classic car EV conversion