Aston Martin's 003 hypercar due in 2021 will be powered by a new turbocharged V-6 developed in-house, CEO Andy Palmer has confirmed.

Speaking with Auto Express in an interview published Friday, Palmer said the V-6 is related to Aston Martin's current V-12, a twin-turbocharged unit displacing 5.2-liters, and in the 003 will be paired with a KERS-style hybrid setup where recovered energy can be used to provide a performance boost.

Aston Martin has offered cars with six-cylinder engines in the past. The last was the DB7 of the 1990s, which offered a 3.2-liter inline-6.

The 003 isn't to be confused with the supercar that Aston Martin will launch around 2020 as a rival to the Ferrari 488 and possibly wearing the Vanquish nameplate. The supercar will be a permanent addition to Aston Martin's lineup while the 003 will be a limited edition along the lines of the Valkyrie, to be built in a run of 500 cars.

Aston Martin Valkyrie in near-production form

Aston Martin Valkyrie in near-production form

Palmer said the 003 and the 488 rival, whose code name is AM9, are being developed alongside one another. There will be a commonality in their design, or “bloodline” as Palmer called it, with the 003's lines previewed in the teaser sketch released with last week's confirmation of the car.

But why introduce another hypercar so quickly after the Valkyrie? Palmer explained that the 003, whose performance and price tag will rival hypercars like the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1, is important in establishing the connection between the out-of-this-world Valkyrie and the 488 rival.

“It's the connector, it’s the dot between the Valkyrie and the 488 competitor, and it’s basically about squirting the DNA down to the next version,” he said. “If you go from Valkyrie to a 488, from 2.5 million pounds to 200,000 pounds, probably that jump isn’t enough to give you the view of the mother and the father.”

Finally, Palmer indicated that the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team and its star aerodynamicist Adrian Newey will likely be involved in the 003's development at some point.