After placing an order for 15 Tesla Semis, Walmart is keen to buy even more. The discount retailer plans to purchase 30 additional electric semi-trucks from the Silicon Valley automaker.

Reuters reported Thursday that the 30 additional Tesla Semi trucks would operate in Canada and join 10 trucks for which it's already placed an order. The other five Semis are slated for the United States. Walmart Canada added that 20 of the electric semi-trucks will be used in Mississauga, Ontario, while the other 20 will ship out to Surrey, British Columbia.

Walmart was one of the first major companies to place an order for Tesla's all-electric Semi truck, though Tesla hasn't spoken of the tractor-trailer as of late. At its reveal, Tesla said it hoped to put the Semi into production in early 2019, though Model 3 hiccups will likely push the date back.

The Semi is expected to return an estimated electric range of 300 or 500 miles, depending on the model. The automaker added the truck's energy consumption should be less than 2 kwh per mile, which will make for major energy cost savings over traditional diesel semis.

Other companies have also lined up to place orders for the Tesla Semi, including UPS, Pepsi Co., Anheuser-Busch, and DHL. Anheuser-Busch has also placed a massive order for 800 hydrogen-powered semi trucks from Nikola. However, the final deal is contingent upon Nikola building hydrogen fueling stations for the semis. The company wants to build 700 hydrogen fueling stations by 2028, each powered by sustainable and renewable sources of energy.

At Tesla, the Semi is one of many new electric vehicle projects stewing. The company also plans for a Model Y crossover SUV, a pickup truck, and a next-generation Roadster.