Gordon Murray will perhaps forever be known as the designing force behind the McLaren F1. But, he's even more thrilled to be working on a new sports car with F1 inspiration. Following the sports car, we now know Murray's car company, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), plans for a variety of cars and they include sedans and even trucks.

Murray told Evo in an interview published Saturday that GMA has been working on an engine program for the last 18 months. He divulged that "we need a family of engines for the plans we have to build other models," which will span numerous segments. Not just sedans and trucks, but hatchbacks, city cars, and perhaps even an SUV. Murray wouldn't go into much detail but said some will be electric cars, others will sport an internal-combustion engine, and some will be hybrids.

Each model will likely take advantage of iStream, a Murray-developed vehicle architecture derived from Formula One construction that uses steel with sandwiched carbon fiber for weight savings and stiffness. The first production car to utilize iStream will be the reborn TVR Griffith, but an even lighter-weight version called iStream Superlight will go into GMA's first sports car. The derivative replaces steel with high-strength aluminum to keep weight as low as possible.

As for the sports car, Murray said it will probably surprise fans. It will be a two-seater under the IGM label for Ian Gordan Murray. We know Murray will put the driver at the center of attention with anything he develops. We should only expect the necessary technologies needed to meet government regulations. Things like driver settings, adjustable exhausts, and other gadgets will be excluded. And judging by Murray's statements, the car will be rather small. He referenced the need to downsize cars in general, and also said weight will be increasingly important for any future car, especially electric cars.

"Compact cars are very efficient, save space and resources, raw material and weight. They also provide a great opportunity, especially for those of us who enjoy driving," Murray told Evo.

We don't have a clear timeline for when we'll see the first GMA product but anything from Murray, whose passion burns vividly at the age of 71, is likely worth the wait.