• Gordon Murray Automotive's First IGM car

    Gordon Murray will perhaps forever be known as the designing force behind the McLaren F1. But, he's even more thrilled to be working on a new sports car with F1 inspiration. Following the sports car, we now know Murray's car company, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), plans for a variety of cars and they include sedans and even trucks. Murray told Evo in an interview published Saturday that GMA has been working on an engine program for the last 18 months. He divulged that "we need a family of engines for the plans we have to build other models," which will span numerous segments. Not just sedans...

  • BMW Megacity Vehicle official photos
    More Carbon Fiber Parts In BMW Cars From 2013

    BMW is aiming to become of the first manufacturers to begin high-volume production of carbon fiber car parts. The first part-carbon cars could be seen as soon as 2013. The cost and production time of carbon fiber has been reduced considerably over the last few years. The all-carbon McLaren MP4-12C...

  • 2009 volkswagen bluesport roadster concept 009
    Audi, Porsche And Volkswagen Roadsters Back On The Table: Report

    It’s been a while since we last heard about the trio of new roadster models being developed at Volkswagen Group brands Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen, though at one point last month there were claims that Audi’s version of the lightweight sports car had been canceled. Now, just a few...

  • Magnesium vehicle construction
    Magnesium Car Bodies: The New Steel, Carbon, Aluminum?

    Another day, another material that could lead to lighter vehicles of the future. The latest candidate? Magnesium. Magnesium componentry in cars is nothing new of course. Magnesium alloy wheels are popular in the motorsport world where light weight and impressive strength are paramount. Now...

  • Lightweight BMW M3 Sedan spy shots
    Spy Shots: Lightweight BMW M3 Sedan

    Just a few days ago at a special event in Munich BMW presented a lightweight M3 Sedan concept that came fitted with many of the hottest parts from the track-focused M3 GTS. And now, spotted just outside the Nurburging circuit in Germany, is this very mysterious M3 Sedan that looks very similar to...

  • Special BMW M3 Sedan Concept
    BMW Hints At CSL Successor With Special M3 Sedan Concept

    This past weekend BMW’s M performance division held a special event in Munich, Germany where it showcased a number of special models, namely, a concept version of the upcoming 2012 BMW M5 that we were fortunate enough to get leaked images of. With all the hoopla surrounding the upcoming...

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