BMW on Tuesday announced that its car-sharing app ReachNow designed for Apple and Android smartphones will offer users the ability to hail a ride, just like the apps of Uber and Lyft.

The ride-hailing service is currently open exclusively to ReachNow users in Seattle, Washington, after they've updated their ReachNow apps, but more locations should be added depending on the service's success.

Pricing for a ride starts at a $3.24 minimum, plus $2.40 for every mile covered and $0.40 for every minute covered, and there is no surge pricing.

The rides can also be tailored. For example, users have the choice between an on-demand ride or planning ahead by scheduling a ride from 20 minutes up to seven days in advance. Users can also pre-select the temperature for their ride, music preferences and whether or not they want to be disturbed during their trip. BMW says drivers selected for ReachNow's ride-hailing service are professional drivers.

BMW ReachNow

BMW ReachNow

All the existing ReachNow services are also there, including the original car-sharing service (originally DriveNow). It means ReachNow is the first app that offers users both the opportunity to drive or ride to their destination. These services, in addition to the multi-day rental and dedicated fleets for residential buildings and corporate partners, all leverage the existing ReachNow shared fleet of various BMW and Mini models.

BMW says ReachNow users can expect additional new updates and features in the coming weeks and months that will make the experience as close to owning a personal vehicle as possible.

Interestingly, BMW in March said it would join forces with Daimler, the parent of arch rival Mercedes-Benz, to establish a joint-venture entity responsible for current and future mobility services of both automakers. The goal is to enable the two to become leading providers of mobility services and to better weather strong competition from rival automakers as well as players outside the auto industry.