Fisker is eager to show off its EMotion all-electric sedan. The company is so eager, in fact, that it posted a short drive video to YouTube on May 30 showing the car running under its own power. The video was obviously not professionally produced. It appears it was shot with a phone in the vertical orientation.

It's great to see the Fisker testing the car. That means it should eventually come to market. Fisker unveiled its EMotion sport sedan at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. During the CES presser, Fisker revealed that the production version will be offered with an impressive 400-mile electric driving range. If that's truly the case, then Tesla will have some work to do to catch up. Right now, the top range of a Model S is 335 miles. One Tesla Model S driver in England did go 670 miles on a single charge, but he had to go quite slow for much of the way to do it. 

With the future Fisker, however, it seems that even 500 miles might soon be possible. That's a bit of a ways out as it involves solid-state battery tech that isn't here just yet. What should be here soon though is the 161-mph EMotion. It will arrive with a similar shape as seen on Tesla's Model 3 but with funkier fender styling and a rear-end reminiscent of the new Aston Martin Vantage...if you squint.

Under the skin, Fisker packs a 140-kwh battery pack sending juice to the motors for a total system output of 775 horsepower. The starting price of the EMotion is said to be $129,000, but that's a target we assume is in constant motion. After all, the car is still in development, so pricing, features, and final power numbers can always change.

This video, however poorly shot, does show that we are moving closer to a fresh Fisker on the road. That's a good thing, as more electric vehicle options are great for the market and the potential growth of the overall charging infrastructure.