Matt LeBlanc has decided that the next season of Top Gear will be his last.

Since 2016, the former Friends actor has served as one of the main show hosts, alongside Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

LeBlanc cited the serious time demand and extensive travel as his main motivation for walking away from the show.

LeBlanc will shoot one final season.

In his own words, LeBlanc says that it's "great" fun to host Top Gear. However, the "time commitment and extensive travel takes me away from my family and friends more than I'm comfortable with."

LeBlanc joined the Top Gear family back in 2016, when the show was rebooted following the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. Originally, it was Chris Evans that took the spotlight as one of the main hosts, but he was gone within a season.

Harris, Reid, and LeBlanc stepped up to be the show's main helmsmen and they've done an admirable job of creating enjoyable and visually exciting automotive television.

Speculation over who should replace LeBlanc is sure to run rampant. Will Top Gear choose an established motoring journalist or go with another global celebrity? We have no way of knowing just yet. But Top Gear reaches a massive global audience so we wouldn't be surprised if someone with similar levels of appeal was tasked for the soon-to-be vacant gig. 

The producers are have stated that Matt's final season will be a special one. Additionally, they're already making plans to welcome a new co-host in the future. Hopefully said new co-host will have the same level of enthusiasm for all things automotive has LeBlanc has shown on this show, and in his non-TV life. Matt was quick to show off his purchase of a Ford Focus RS, and it's clear he enjoyed driving all manner of machines on the show.

Top Gear has had its share of up and down moments over the years but it continues to solider on. In fact, the past season was one of the best in recent memory. Here's hoping the next host can join the group and continue this momentum.