If we say "hybrid", your mind instantly moves to visions of slow wedge-bricks clogging up the fast lane on your local highway. Lexus is looking to change that. A new campaign called "Fast as h" aims to show the performance aspect aligned with its own hybrid offerings. Those aspects are easy to see when you're staring down the long hood of a Lexus LC 500h.

The environmental and cost benefits of a hybrid vehicle are clear. You have a car that pollutes less and uses less fuel along the way. But you also have a vehicle that's capable of doling out tremendous torque right off the line. When you punch the throttle on a car like the Lexus LC 500h, you're going to introduce your backside to the seat in a more intimate manner.

Additionally, the LC 500h utilizes a pair electric motors for both efficiency and performance gains. One motor acts as the primary generator and engine starter while another motor drives the rear wheels and also harnesses the energy captured regenerative braking. Working together with the 3.5-liter V-6, the LC 500h makes great use of its 354 horsepower.

Of course, no matter what Lexus says the LC 500 non-h car is the more entertaining LC family member. That's because it boasts a 5.0-liter V-8 that cranks out 471 hp, a 7,300-rpm redline, titanium intake and exhaust valves, and an active exhaust system.

The LC 500h maybe be fast...but the LC 500 with the V-8 is awesome.