Porsche buyers can now take delivery of their new vehicles in California, and get some track instruction while they're at it. The program is held at the new Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles, and it mirrors programs offered at Porsche's North American headquarters in Atlanta, as well as those in England, France, and Germany.

The delivery experience includes 90-minutes of on-track driver development in a vehicle similar to the one the buyer purchases, and eight "driver education modules" that provide about 4 miles of additional driving. Each new owner also gets a thorough walk-around of their vehicle from a product expert and is treated to lunch at the facility's Destination 917 restaurant. Last week, a new 911 Turbo S became the first car to be delivered at the California Experience Center.

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Porsche says that buyers who place an order for a new car with their dealer can pay an extra $385 to $875, depending on the model, to take delivery at the Experience Center, which is actually located south of Los Angeles in Carson. The charge is for the 90-minute track experience. Deliveries are set to take place during the week from Tuesday to Friday, but they require advanced scheduling and reservations and only one delivery is scheduled per day to ensure a personalized experience.

Porsche's North American-market President and CEO, Klaus Zellmer, said that "about one-quarter of all Porsche sports cars sold in the United States" are delivered to buyers in California. The California Experience Center also serves as the headquarters for Porsche Motorsport North America and it's home to a small Porsche museum as well.

A similar facility is found on the grounds of the automaker's regional headquarters in Atlanta, where Porsche says that more than 500 deliveries have taken place since 2016.


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