First off, it's pronounced Will-Us. But that's of no use here really, as we're looking not at a Willys Rural but rather a Brazilian-market Ford F-75.

Looking stand-out sharp in its clean aqua paint, this rare beast was spotted rumbling through city streets in its native country before being posted to the always enjoyable Curbside Classic blog.

Willys began production of Brazilian-market vehicles back in the 1950s. Eventually, however, Ford stepped in and took over. That's how the Ford F-75 came to be. It wears different fenders and a restyled bed compared to the parts fitted to the Rural. At first glance you think you're looking at the older Willys, until you see a small Blue Oval on the nose and the familiar large "FORD" lettering on the tailgate.

I used to own a 1965 Ford F100, which would be sort of a distant American cousin to this F-75. It's fascinating to see a different take on a Ford F-Series truck, especially considering both are from the 1960s. While my F100 made due rather nicely with its 390-cubic inch Ford FE V-8, the F-75 was equipped with one of three variants of a flathead 6-cylinder engine.

The Ford F-75, when viewed in profile comes off as a cross between an International, a Toyota FJ pickup, and something very Jeep-esque all at the same time. It's rare to find one in Brazil, even though it was built and sold there. You're likely to never see one here in the States, so if you're a Ford fan you should soak this one in while you can.