There are a lot of films and videos made about cars in a given year. A number of them are good, and most of them are...mediocre.

As someone who makes mediocre videos on a consistent basis, I'm not a bad judge of what makes a car film good. It takes no sort of expertise, however, to tell you that the "Wolf of the Autostrada" is much more than simply good. This is the best car film of 2017.

This is a production created by the talented team at Kidston. A vintage car sales and information firm, Kidston also makes the occasional video. And when they do, the result is usually quite wonderful.

For the "Wolf of the Autostrada," Kidstron wrangled a pair of racing drivers, their own business manager, a beautiful Italian actress, and the likes of Valentino Balboni and Stefan Roser. Beyond the people involved though, it's the cars that make this a truly gorgeous video. You have a Ferrari Testarossa, Lamborghini Countach, Aston Martin Vantage, and a Ruf Yellowbird all facing off in a seemingly high-stakes game to see who is the best on the road.

There's beautiful driving shots, on-road action, some funny moments, and some great drama as well. This is incredibly well done, and there's no doubt that you'll agree in it's place as the number one car film of the year.