What's the fastest you've ever gone in a car or on a motorcycle? It actually doesn't matter what your answer is, because it's nowhere near as fast as Niklas Lilja has gone.

He's the Koenigsegg test driver who recently got to push an Agera RS to its limits. At the end of his driving day, Lilja and Koenigsegg commanded the top spot of a number of speed records, the most notable being the production car land speed record. The final number? An amazing 277.9 mph.

Perhaps more amazing still is that the final number used was the average of two runs. Meaning one of those runs was even higher. We're talking 284.6 mph, here.

Want to see what that looks like from inside the car?

Koenigsegg Agera RS sets production car land speed record of 277.9 mph

Koenigsegg Agera RS sets production car land speed record of 277.9 mph

Hit play and you're going to find yourself noticing a handful of interesting items. First is the fact that the Agera RS is calmly and easily pushed to around 175 mph before it shifts gears and the throttle is pressed more deeply into the carpet. Koenigsegg says this was to put as little stress on the engine by minimizing the amount of time it ran at full throttle. From there, though, it's amazing to note just how quickly the speed reading is climbing.

As Lilja pushes past the 270 mph mark, you'll see the nose moving about along the center line of the road. There's tremendous pressure pushing on the face of the Agera RS, but a light hand on the wheel keeps the car moving forward ever faster.

Finally, Lilja crests that 284 mph figure and he begins to slow every thing down. Once you've achieved such a high speed though, you're sense of slower speeds is clearly warped. Around 205 mph, the driver feels it's a good time to check the telemetry data. Some more data crunching occurs around 150 mph, and the harnesses can be loosened a bit around 115.

This is truly an awe-inspiring straight-line blast, and it shows just how wild a machine you'll find from the garages at Koenigsegg.