While Jeep is more than ready to pull back the wraps on its brand-new Jeep Wrangler, it's the good folks at Mopar that are equally excited to see this happen. That's because the performance parts suppliers for Chrysler has a bevy of big upgrades already lined up to appeal to future 2018 Wrangler owners. From snorkels to lighting and more, the items range from style upgrades to on-trail functionality improvements.

You'll see a familiar range of parts offered up here from Mopar. There's the open-air doors that Jeep owners love, and here they're finished in the form of two-inch tubular steel. A set of beadlock wheels can be equipped, and then paired with a healthy dose of upgraded lighting. If you're looking to take your new JL Wrangler into the local river system, a snorkel can be fitted as well.

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One new item that's never been offered from Mopar in years prior, is a roof rack system specifically for the Wrangler. It's mounted to the hardtop and can be used to carry bikes, skis, snowboards, and a cargo carrier. 

There's also a dearth of graphical upgrades to be found a well. One that really stands out is the Moab graphic that features a silhouette of the trails along with an ode to Jeep's history.

All of these parts will be made available through local Jeep dealerships as soon as the 2018 Wrangler rides on in to your local lots.


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