The trio from "The Grand Tour" is back in action as the second series of the program gets ready to stream to your televisions and devices. This time around James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond have bid adieu to "The American," former NASCAR driver Mike Skinner. That means they're in need of a new driver for their show. Auditions are currently underway and the latest wheel wielder is none other than former Formula One and Porsche Works driver Mark Webber.

This Australian gent is retired from motor racing but he still knows how to whip a car around a racing circuit. In his current gig, he is helping Porsche with the product development of its road cars. That doesn't mean he can't find the time to help out on the set of "The Grand Tour."

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In this clip, Webber rolls up in a Panamera as Clarkson extols the driver's many virtues to his waiting chums. They don't really know who Webber is, but he seems vaguely familiar to them. Regardless, he's handed the key to a Porsche 911 GT2 RS and then he sets off to complete a lap. After that spirited run, he's given the key to...a different automaker's vehicle. This lap doesn't seem quite as quick, despite Webber stating the he's given it all he can.

This video serves as a fun primer for the upcoming season of "The Grand Tour." Most folks might not miss The American, but perhaps we can look forward to a rotating team of all-star drivers turning fast laps in cool cars.


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