Jason Fenkse knows a thing or two about explaining the engineering of any given subject. He's managed to parlay that knowledge into a successful YouTube series in which he does so, week in and week out. What's not as good at, though, is driving a virtual car on a virtual race track.

Still, it's easier to go fast in virtual space than it is in real life. So can Fenske rip off a faster lap time than a pro could, if both are using a real-life version of the car on the actual race track?

The showdown takes place at Sonoma Raceway. The car in question is a McLaren 570S. Fenske has access to both the virtual and real ones, thanks to the launch event for the latest Project CARS 2 game. We get to see just how quickly Jason can go in the game, and then in real life. After that, the keys to the car are handed off to a hired hotshoe who sets off for a lap time of his own.

Fenske provides the self-depreciating commentary for both of his laps. In the game, he's quick, using the tried-and-true method of ramming into the computer-controlled cars around him. In real life, he's slowed a bit by the fact that the organizers required him to stick to Sport mode with all the software nannies engaged.

The pro driver doesn't have to have traction control on, so he's able to run a fairly quick time around Sonoma. It's not quick enough, though, to beat Jason's video game time. Apparently ramming into competitors and taking the grass-and-dirt line can pay off. At least at the console, anyhow.


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