The first go around of the "Project CARS" franchise went well enough.

If you were fortunate to play the game on a PC, you probably instantly fell in love. If you happened to sample the game on a console using a regular controller, it wasn't quite as enjoyable.

This is a game best experience with a wheel and pedal setup, just like the more famous "Gran Turismo" and "Forza Motorsport" titles. The plus, however, is that "Project CARS" is also beautiful. Now the second chapter begins for the game and it appears that part hasn't changed.

A new teaser trailer has appeared and the initial footage is wonderful. Now this is listed as in-game footage that is still a work in progress. To be specific, this is clearly the in-game footage of playbacks and other shots of the race you most likely just ran. There are, however, some shots of the in-car driving experience and it looks great, too.

The breadth of cars and forms of motorsports looks like there will plenty to make any type of car and racing fan happy. You have all forms of open wheel including the Indy 500, endurance racing prototypes, vintage Trans-Am racing, rallycross, and even some drifting. This is a fully packed game and the quality of the cars included is top notch. Stay tuned for more news after the E3 convention, running June 13-15, kicks into high gear.